Beginning to blog, 2 decades after everyone else

I have blogged before. I was required to as part of participation in a course for my Masters, and I experimented with a photo blog while studying abroad in my third-year university. The latter was actually more of a way to share images with my parents, both of whom were not on social media at the time. (My mom actually just joined Facebook and my dad now approaches LinkedIn like he does most things, a little competitively.)

My loving partner has told me on a few occasions that I should blog. He said this while also commenting that I am funnier now than when he met me. He met when I was 16. Apparently, a sweet girl with a less distinct sense of humour. I’m 30 now.

I just graduated from UBC’s Graduate School of Journalism. I’ve spent the last year and a half thinking about storytelling in various mediums. I’ve learned a lot but still have a lot of learning to go. I feel most comfortable talking about things that inspire me or I know a little about, like dance. This blog is going to be a mix of all things I feel like writing about. I’ll share highlights on Twitter @brittanynduggan and maybe even Facebook, which already feels like a blog spot. Here goes nothing!